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First Milking the Cow Announement

Phil Coorey - Thursday, April 19, 2012
Bigger and Better than 2011 ! Many beers on tap including some aged beers, hand pump beauties and a few more surprises

Friday Night Launch Party - get on the VIP invite only launch party by buying tickets for the Saturday and Sunday festivities. A chance to meet and gre...et all the beer experts that are making their way to the hotel for the weekend as we all let our hair down.

Saturday and Sunday

Activities include ...

* Masterclasses that help us match whiskey and beer, a hoppy celebration of all things imperially IPA, modern day advances in home brewing , a look at what it takes to be a 'TOP 100' beer at the moment and returning bigger and better than ever the Ladies Only Beer Masterclass

* Food and Beer Matching Menu all weekend

* Home Brew Competition - this year we are looking for a Porter as per Section 12 of the BJCP guidelines (see link below) The winning beer will be launched at Octoberfest to much fanfare

* Boy and Beer pre concert get together party beginning Sunday afternoon.

* Live music and DJ's all weekend as we celebrate beer in style at the Cow!

Take care - and remember - any questions at all - then contact Phil at phil@spottedcow.com.au